Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Center for Breath Treatment Opens Second Location

The Center for Breath Treatment is proud to announce a new location for our halitosis clinic. You will now be able to receive halitosis treatment at 2999 Regent Street, Berkeley, CA., just 10 minutes east of San Francisco. The Center for Breath Treatment’s new location offers state-of-the-art technology, private treatment rooms, and convenient parking. One thing hasn’t changed though… you will still receive individual treatment from Dr. Anthony Dailley, the foremost bad breath specialist in North America.

Dr. Dailley has been providing bad breath causation diagnosis and treatment to severe halitosis sufferers for more than 15 years, successfully curing bad breath for more than twelve thousand patients with an astounding 99% success rate. As the leading expert in the field, he understands the tremendous psychological toll severe halitosis can take. For this reason, he has committed his career to helping those who have been hindered and shamed by this ailment, allowing them to cure their halitosis condition and go on to do things in life they never before thought possible.

The Center for Breath Treatment is about more than masking the condition or temporarily relieving symptoms. Rather, Dr. Dailley specializes in diagnosing the underlying physiological and biological root causes for severe chronic halitosis. Many patients, desperate to cure their severe bad breath, travel hundreds, even thousands of miles to visit the center to meet with Dr. Dailley and his team. There, Dr. Dailley applies a methodical scientific approach to curing halitosis that takes into account microbiological, dental, medical, and lifestyle-related variables.

The full cost of formal treatment at The Center for Breath Treatment is $650 (USD). This fee includes all appointments, as well as recommended prescription medications and over-the-counter products. Visits to the clinic include a comprehensive patient interview, a thorough review of the patient’s dental and medical history, a complete oral examination, and breath analysis with the Halimeter™, which assists in determining the degree of severity and source of the halitosis symptoms. After the comprehensive overview is completed, each patient receives a custom tailored treatment plan that addresses their specific needs.

For more information on bad breath solutions and products, visit The Center for Breath Treatment online or call 1-888-373-7403.

About Dr. Dailley: Dr. Dailley has been practicing dentistry since 1981 and founded the Center for Breath Treatment in 1996. He holds a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University as well as a Dental Degree from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. Dr. Dailley is performs on-going halitosis research for both the Center of Breath Treatment and NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company where he serves on the Board of Directors.