Monday, December 12, 2011

Top 10 Gifts for Well Groomed Men

With the holiday season underway many of you have probably already started your shopping for family and friends, but often the hardest part is figuring out what to get that hard-to-shop-for man on your list. Whether it’s your brother, father, husband or boyfriend we all know a guy that’s hard to shop for!

This year we have compiled a top 10 gifts list to suit all budgets for the well groomed man (or for a man on your list that you wish was well groomed).

1. Menscience Advanced Deodorant $17

If the man on your list is sporty or enjoys the outdoors this is the perfect stocking stuffer!

This advanced deodorant is used by professional athletes and has been featured in Men’s Health Magazine. Amongst the many benefits, your guy will enjoy long lasting odor elimination from this non-irritating formula developed from tea extract and witch hazel. As an added bonus, it doesn’t stain or leave a residue on shirt underarms!

2. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector $18.50

Between hanging Christmas lights, shoveling snow, scraping ice off of car windshields and everything else men do outdoors around the holidays, their hands can get pretty chapped.

The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector is great for dry skin. The hemp and organic beeswax formula helps lock in moisture, even through hand washing and cold winter temperatures. The fatty acids in hemp seed oil are the key to repairing skin and restoring smoothness.

3. Philip B Styling Gel $19 (6oz)

In the cold weather and wind of winter it’s easy to end up with a "bedhead" look without trying. Help your guy out this season by giving him the prefect hair product to tame his locks!

Philip B Styling Gel is a soft-hold gel that adds volume, texture and definition to men’s hair of all types. Made from Irish moss, aonori and vitamin B5 this men’s hair gel can be applied to wet hair to achieve a slick look and keep hair in place.

4. Hammacher Schlemmer’s The Best Nose Hair Trimmer $19.95

If the man on your list is getting a little older he may be starting to notice ear and nose hairs peeking out. Give him the best nose hair trimmer- literally.

The Best Nose Hair Trimmer by Hammacher Schlemmer was specially designed to cut hair follicles closer and faster while providing exceptional comfort. The size and shape allow for better trimming without pulling, resulting in less tickling while trimming and reduced skin irritation after.

5. BreathGemz Dual Action Breath Freshener $20

Even if your guy already has great breath giving him BreathGemz will just make his breath even better and give him the added pleasure of a clean minty mouth like he just came from the dentist.

BreathGemz Dual Action Breath Fresheners are more than just a bad breath pill. these tablets neutralize food odors instantly while also providing a fresh feeling in the mouth. Each BreathGemz capsule has a liquid core of parsley seed oil and sunflower oil, and is encased in a minty fresh coating for the most effective breath freshening available. BreathGemz are even effective against smokers’ breath.

6. F/P Homme Shower Gel Trio $22

Even well groomed men don’t like to have really complicated personal hygiene regimens. Make looking and feeling good easy on your guy this season with the F/P Homme Shower Gel Trio. F/P Numero 001, Numero 002, and Numero 003 shower gels can also be used as shampoo and offer separate masculine fragrances that can be mixed and matched according to individual preference. Whether it’s the fresh citrus Numero 001, woody sandalwood Numero 002 or spicy vetiver Numero 003, the guy on your list is sure to love this manly trio.

7. Moustache Wax Action Pack $26

If you need a gift for a man with a mustache or beard the Moustache Wax Action Pack from the Etsy store MansFaceStuff is the gift for you!

Packaged in travel-friendly one ounce tins, moustache wax is an innovative and fun gift to give your facial hair aficionado. The Action Pack comes with three varieties of handmade wax: Gin & Tonic, Red Hot, and All Nighter. This wax will help keep stray hairs in check and faces smelling great!

8. Aramis Pre Electric Lotion £22.50 (about $35.15)

If the man on your shopping list uses an electric razor chances are he’s gotten some useless gift before like a shave cream warmer or razor blade sharpener, but now there’s finally the perfect gift for men that use electric razors.

Aramis Pre Electric Lotion is specially formulated to prepare your skin for the close shave of an electric razor. Bergamot, cumin, jasmine, patchouli, amber and musk combine to create a spicy leather-like scent while refreshing skin and minimizing nicks and scrapes that can occur during shaving.

9. Opalescence trèsWhite Teeth Whitening Kit $85

For whatever reason most men hate making regular appointments for the doctor and dentist. If you guy’s teeth could use to be a little whiter the Opalescence trèsWhite Teeth Whitening Kit is the perfect gift.

Unlike those wimpy strips that stick on your teeth and never work, the Opalescence trèsWhite Teeth Whitening Kit is a superior teeth whitening system that produces results after the very first treatment. This kit is not available in retail stores; you can only order it from a dentist’s office, because it has a higher hydrogen peroxide concentration than your average over-the-counter whitening product. After about a week of treatment (30-60 minutes per day) your guy’s teeth will be noticeably whiter and will only require touch ups every 1-2 years, if at all.

10. Sephora Collector's Edition Fragrance Sampler For Him $155 value (now $75)

Still don’t know what to get the man on your list? Sephora has put together a fragrance sampler so your man can try some of today’s most popular fragrances in the comfort of his own home. The best part is that after deciding which fragrance he likes best, he can take the voucher included in the set (or send you with the voucher) to your local Sephora and redeem it for a fragrance. The best part about this gift is that he won’t have to pretend he likes his gift because he gets to pick it out himself!

About the Author: Dr. Dailley has been practicing dentistry since 1981 and specializes in bad breath treatment and remedies. He has a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University and a dental degree from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. Dr Dailley founded the Center for Breath Treatment in the bay area and currently conducts research on curing halitosis at the California Pacific Lab facility in Novato California.

Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Treat Frequent Sinus Infections

As a breath health specialist, I find myself treating patients with chronic sinusitis and frequent sinus infections. Not only are sinus infections miserable, but they also contribute to the bacteria-friendly environment that results in severe halitosis. Symptoms of sinus infections include headache, low grade fever, ear fullness, facial pressure, fatigue, bad breath, a foul taste in the mouth, and an unsettling feeling that your head is "heavy." Many of my patients seeking to cure chronic halitosis also experience intermittent sinus infections.

The sinuses are cavities and channels in the skull that allow air to flow and mucous to drain into the nose. When mucous membranes become irritated (often by a cold, allergies, pollutants or exposure to unusually dry or chilly air), they become irritated and inflamed. When your membranes are irritated, the tiny hairs that move the mucous out of the glands slow down, leaving mucous to sit still in the head. Irritation also puts mucous glands into overdrive as they fight to purge bacteria. The glands thus secrete more mucus than the norm and the sinus cavities become clogged with mucous. The result is a bacteria friendly environment that is prone to infection.

So the key to preventing and treating sinus infections is reducing irritation and inflammation, and clearing out trapped mucous. The following tips will help you keep your nasal passages healthy and stave off the unpleasant symptoms of chronic sinusitis.

  • Gently blow your nose on a regular basis and always wash your hands after blowing.
  • Irrigate the nasal passages regularly using a high quality nasal irrigation system and medium warm salt water or saline solution intended for nasal irrigation.
  • When congested, take an antihistamine or decongestant to reduce inflammation, thus allowing for the nasal passages to drain.
  • Apply warm, moist heat to the area. The heat will help break up mucous for more efficient draining and will reduce sinus pressure. Simply apply a warm wash cloth to your face for a few minutes while in the shower. If discomfort persists a humidifier and warm facial compress can be helpful - just be sure to test the temperature before applying the compress to the face. My clients have also found the scent of eucalyptus particularly soothing.
  • Dilute mucous by drinking lots of water, hot tea or hot water with lemon. Proper hydration is critical to sinus health, but avoid dairy liquids and products as they can trigger congestion.
  • If you are prescribed a series of antibiotics by your physician, be sure to take the entire series. Do NOT stop as soon as you start feeling better as that can lead to further infection with bacteria that is more resistant to treatment.
  • If your sinus issues persist, visit an ear, nose and throat specialist to rule out more serious conditions.

For more tips on sinus health and treating chronic, severe bad breath, please visit The Center for Breath treatment’s website.

About the Author: Dr. Anthony Dailley has been practicing dentistry since 1981 and conducts research pertaining to bad breath remedies and treatments at the California Pacific Lab. He has a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University and a dental degree from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. Dr Dailley specializes in curing bad breath and founded the Center for Breath Treatment as well as NovaBay Pharmaceutical, a publicly held biopharmaceutical company.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Stop Morning Breath

Morning breath is an unfortunate fact of life. It affects everyone to some degree. Even individuals who have never struggled with halitosis will most likely have offensive breathe first thing in the morning. And while there are things that can exasperate bad morning breath such as medical conditions, medications, diet and lifestyle, morning breath is typically the result of overnight bacterial build up, a condition that can be exasperated by leftover food debris (often caught between teeth) and dry mouth.

In a healthy mouth, saliva breaks down food particles and clears away bacteria, typically reducing unpleasant odors. Unfortunately, saliva production significantly decreases over night and air is constantly passing over the tongue. The result is a temporary dry mouth state... and when saliva dries up, bacteria thrive. These bacteria feed off the proteins, amino acids and leftover food particles in your mouth, producing offensive-smelling sulfur compounds. This result is a bad case of morning breath.

So simply put… morning breath is a symptom of a temporary dry mouth state that results in a bacteria-friendly environment. While we cannot eliminate morning breath completely, there are a few effective tactics you can employ to improve the situation substantially.

Don’t make your mouth any drier. Keep hydrated and avoid drying agents like alcohol. I recommend drinking one or two glasses of water right before bed. If you get up in the night, grab another glass of water.

Don’t feed the animals. Leaving bacteria food for the night does not help the situation. Be sure to floss teeth and brush thoroughly right before going to bed. If you use mouthwash, make sure it is alcohol free.

Get high-tech. Invest in a Hydro Floss Dental Irrigation System which utilizes cutting-edge magneto-hydrodynamics and oral irrigation to make it near impossible for bacteria, tarter and various particles to adhere to the gum line, teeth and soft oral tissues. These devices not only reduce bacteria by 50%, but they also reduce tarter buildup by 65%, making them a very worthwhile investment for your whole family.

Don’t forget your tongue. Bacteria really like living on the surface of your tongue and deep within taste buds, so be sure to flush those areas each night as well.

Don’t smoke. Not only does it smell bad, but it also dries out the mouth, making your mouth more hospitable to bacteria.

Avoid stinky foods before bed. Garlic, onions and jalapenos right before bed will add a whole new layer of smell to bad morning breath. Some individuals have a strong reaction to dairy and sugars as well, so if you suspect a correlation for your breath, limit those foods before bed as well.

Visit a bad breath dentist or doctor. If you have tried these tactics but still wake with unreasonably offensive breath, you may have a bigger problem than just a case of morning breath. You may be part of the 35% of the population that suffers from a more severe form of chronic halitosis. If you are serious about getting rid of chronic bad breath, it is critical you visit a specialist so that they can determine the underlying medical or physiological reasons for your condition.

About the Author: Dr. Anthony Dailley has been practicing dentistry since 1981 and specializes in curing chronic bad breath. He has a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University and a dental degree from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. Dr. Dailley founded the Center for Breath Treatment, a specialty halitosis clinic located in the bay area. He also currently conducts research pertaining to halitosis products at the California Pacific Lab facility in Novato California. Dr. Dailley is also one of the founders and also on the board of directors of NovaBay Pharmaceuticals which is a publicly held biopharmaceutical company.