Thursday, December 27, 2012

BreathCure Holiday Gifts

The gift of fresh breath is one of the best presents you can give this holiday season. With products from BreathCure, you can help friends and loved ones get back to smelling great again. Although a candy cane or sip of holiday cheer might freshen breath for a few minutes, these temporary solutions will only worsen oral odor in the long run.

Products from BreathCure start working on breath right away and also enhance long-term oral fragrance. Here's a look at some of the holiday gift options available now from BreathCure.


BreathGemz work both in the mouth and internally for hours of fresh breath. Gift recipients who get BreathGemz as stocking stuffers will see benefits right away thanks to the patented Instimint coating, but this is only the beginning of the experience. After BreathGemz are swallowed, they immediately go to work with a mix of parsley seed oil and sunflower oil. This is a thoughtful, effective present that will let anybody enjoy fresh breath whenever they need it, especially during seasonal parties and after holiday meals.

Breath Treatment Starter Kit

If you have chronic halitosis sufferers on your holiday gift list, the Breath Treatment Starter Kit is a powerful solution for them that won't go unappreciated. This kit's lineup includes DioxiRinse medicated oral rinse for maximum breath-freshening power on demand, DioxiBrite medicated toothpaste for three months of daily anti-halitosis dental care and 12 Dentiva lozenges for rapid relief from bad breath caused by oral bacterial overgrowth. Instructions are included with the set, ensuring that your lucky gift recipient can take full advantage of the valuable treatment program. Finally, the kit includes personal consultations with BreathCure experts who will be able to give detailed advice regarding treatment strategies and product usage.

Comprehensive Treatment Kit and Hydro-Pulse Sinus Irrigator

The starter kit is more than enough for most halitosis sufferers, but the comprehensive kit is ideal for those experiencing long-standing halitosis with unknown or multiple causes. In addition to the professional-quality items included with the starter kit, this program features the Grossan Hydro-Pulse Sinus irrigator, Breath-Ease XL saline powder for use in sinus irrigation, CloSYSII compact oral spray and BreathRx antibacterial tongue spray for a strong answer to any bad breath.

If your friend or loved one suffers from unpleasant nasal odors, oral treatments may do nothing to eliminate the problem. Irrigation of the sinuses and nasal passages with the Hydro-Pulse will flush out bacteria that settle and produce volatile sulfur compounds. If you already know that this is the biggest problem behind somebody's bad breath, you can also purchase the irrigator separately to give that person an extra-special holiday.

Antiseptic sprays for the tongue and mouth complete any bad-breath program and make this comprehensive solution worthy of any New Years resolution plan. With the included personal consultations, recipients will get priceless advice on solving bad breath with these products.

Saliva Sure Tablets

Help a special someone avoid dry mouth and resultant bad breath by giving them Saliva Sure Tablets this holiday. The season presents many opportunities for dry mouth, including frequent talking at parties, cold winter air and enjoyment of party beverages. When the mouth stays dry, the teeth are prone to halitosis-causing decay. Even without progression to cavities, a dry mouth is more likely to smell bad and cause annoyance for everyone who faces the issue. The recipient who is given Saliva Sure Tablets will be treated to a delicious citrus flavor and fast relief that lasts for an hour.

Bad breath can ruin social occasions, which are especially important around the holidays. By giving the gift of fresh breath this season, you can make a huge difference in the present and future experiences of a halitosis sufferer. No matter whether a loved one is suffering from temporary bad breath or long-term halitosis, BreathCure holiday gifts will treat their problems quickly and effectively and restore their joy this season.

About the author: Dr. Anthony Dailley is a practicing dentist that specializes in halitosis treatment. He has been practicing since 1981 and graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology, and obtained his dental degree from the Pacific School of Dentistry. Dr. Dailley founded the Center for Breath Treatment in the San Francisco Bay Area and conducts research on curing halitosis. Dr. Dailley has also been a founder in a biotech company called NovaBay Pharmaceuticals and on their board of directors from 1997 -2014. I'm reading: BreathCure Holiday GiftsTweet this!